About us

Re Story is a business development agency that specializes in improving business through digital marketing and counseling. We offer creative solutions with a comprehensive perspective.

The company was founded in 2013 and got its current name in 2018. The company’s name hints that our business concept of helping companies “repeat history”. We strongly believe in using what has previously worked in the past combined with new solutions to face tomorrow’s challenges.

Regardless of your business area or industry, you can feel confident that we have the expertise and experience to help and understand your needs. Our team has previous experience from the education, marketing industry and the finance industry as well as having experience from both running and helping Startups and global companies.

Business development

We help both smaller Startups and global companies with business development. Our goal is that our customers with our help will remain competitive in their market. We help you to develop and expand your visions, goals, strategies and tactics. By working both theoretically and operationally we will help you grow in sales, optimize your marketing strategies and develop your leadership.

Business counseling

When you hire us as a business developer / project manager and marketing manager, we step directly in on a management level.

Our mission is to help you make the necessary and often challenging decisions that are needed to enable you to achieve more profitable and sustainable growth

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