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Business development

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Finding new customers
Create sustainable profitability
Quality assured deliveries
View business functionality and corporate expertise

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Business counseling

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Needs analysis
Profitable sustainability
Leadership development
Competence development
Follow-up talks

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Economical counseling

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Investment advice
Workshop in accounting
Financial instruments
Business angels
Network meetings
Customer strategy 
Tools for finding customers

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Interim management

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Board assignments 
Operational strategy planning 
Profitability, time, flexibility and expertise 
Review of agreements
Business development
HR personal development

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Additional services

All our additional services are charged per hour and can be purchased apart from or in addition to our subscriptions.

Marketing planning

Having a clear and strategic plan for your marketing is fundamental to successfully achieving your business goals. We help you plan, coordinate and create a marketing plan where, even after our services, you will know how to invest in order to reach further success.

Business development

Driving a continuous business development is important in order to remain competitive within your market. Whether you ara a Startup or running a established business, we will give you the support you need to gain enhanced insights about your visions, goals, strategies and tactics. We help you become stronger than your competitors.

Business Plan

Your business plan is your tool for achieving your business ideas. With our help you get a clear overview your goals with strategies and knowledge to to achieve them.

Two unique package deals for your business

We help companies to sustainably increase their profit.

Business developer

As external business developers, we help your company for a temporary period of between 3-12 months to develop solutions to your problems, both operationally and strategically.

We help you understand how you can guide your business processes forward and what steps are needed to quickly address current challenges.

With strategic advice, we review and develop your company’s strengths, weaknesses, tactics and objectives to increase your business growth.

Education consultant

As education consultants we work for and towards schools, colleges and universities. Regardless of the topic, needs and target group we will help you create and implement courses from start to finish. We work all over Sweden.

In addition to our own education in various subjects all our consultants also have long professional experience in education, entrepreneurship, communication, marketing and digitalisation. Our consultants help you throughout the process of providing educational materials, grading and completion of exam.